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Ghent Marriott Hotel Review

Updated: Apr 25

This review is from a few years ago (I am just updating my site) and I think the rooms have been renovated.

There is not much to review for the Ghent Marriott Hotel as it is a basic Marriott hotel. This does not make it bad, in fact, at least you know what you are getting when you arrive. It is in the perfect location to explore the historic center of Ghent. The address is Korenlei 10 Drabstraat. Ghent. Luckily, we were able to choose the hotel on the cars GPS and did not need to type the address in, because I am not sure just entering Drabstraat as an address would have been enough. The hotel was easy enough to find with the GPS other than when we were just about to arrive at our location (according to the GPS) we reached a dead end and there was no hotel in sight. Just as I was about to panic, I looked up and noticed the Marriott sign on a very nondescript building. Now my wife didn't see it at all so I was only slightly embarrassed. The hotel was at the dead end and there was a very small driveway to the hotel garage to park the car (40 Euros/day - updated rate).

After we parked the car we took the elevator to the reception area. The lobby is very modern with one side of the interior all in glass (like half of a glass dome). This allows for a very airy and natural environment (the other side, however, looks like an Embassy Suites with the room floors exposed). There was no wait at reception and we were checked-in in no time. The girl at the front desk was very friendly and eager to provide us with whatever information we needed. She also informed us that there was free Internet access in the room which was great as I have no Elite status with Marriott and after spending 23 Euros on parking (a little steep) didn't want to spend any more on using the internet.

As I said this a just like many other Marriott hotels. So the room is the same as any in the USA. Geared towards the business traveler. Which is good I guess as it was a good size, clean, and functional room. The décor was masculine with dark grey and tan colors. It looked like the room had been recently renovated as everything looked newish. It had a King Size bed (which my wife did not find comfortable, but I was ok with) with lots of pillows and a work desk. Also, a flat screen TV (maybe 32'), coffee/tea maker, safe, minibar, and closet. The view was not great (it looked out to newer part of town). The bathroom was a little small, but clean. It had a bathtub/shower. And yes, I was able to take one last soak. The soaps, lotions and shampoos were from Aromatherapy.

We didn't spend much time in the hotel and breakfast did not come with our rate. So I can not comment on much other than the reception and rooms. The hotel does have a restaurant and a bar. Lots of Meeting Rooms. They have a fitness room, but do not have a swimming pool.

The Ghent Marriott has an absolutely perfect location. And the neat thing is you arrive on one side of the hotel that honestly is a little disappointing. On our drive to the hotel, it looked like you were in an Eastern European industrial city more than this nice Belgium ctown. I know I was nervous and my wife was looking at me like "where are you taking me, I could have gone to Voronezh for this" (or those from New Jersey - Bayonne). But as you walk out of the back of the hotel (picture above) you arrive at the heart of the old historic section of Ghent. Right on the River Lys canal where there are many restaurants and shops and a popular place to gather. It is like walking thru a time machine.

Check-out was fast, accurate, and efficient and we were quickly to the E40 and on our way to the airport.

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